Thursday, September 4, 2008

An Annexure - Grails deployment in Tomcat 6.0/ Ubuntu


After first upload of your grails app, when you follow the same process to upload an update, the grails app sometimes doesn't work. I have no idea why but here are the steps to solve this.

  1. Always upload the war file into /jakarta_tomcat directory.
  2. After upload copy the file into webapps directory.
  3. In since webapps/ROOT is the default directory, create a backup of the ROOT directory, anywhere outside the webapps directory.
  4. Unzip the newly loaded war file.
  5. Place the contents into the root directory.
  6. Move the .war file outside webapps to avoid automatic deployment. Not moving the war file for some reason causes issues ONLY with grails applications.
  7. Now just restart the tomcat using the shortcut command of or full command of /jakarta_tomcat/bin/
  8. On starting up your application should work as expected.

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